How To… Play that Funky Music

The fact that you’re naturally a very considerate person just doesn’t get enough press. With all these bullying braggarts running about as if they own the place (and sadly mostly because they do thanks to the fact that they’ve been put there by impressionable sorts but we won’t go into all of that right now) it’s easy for the slightly more humble and self effacing little guy to feel ever so slightly diminished.

With all that in mind, it’s hardly surprising that you don’t particularly like invading other people’s auditory ear spaces. Sure, you enjoy indulging in and listening to all sorts of music but you can’t help but clam up almost entirely if someone so much as curiously inquires regarding your tastes. That’s not something you share. These are the reasons why you insist on walking around as if those headphones were essentially glued to your ears.

But you know what, once in a while you’ve earned the absolute right to let loose. Claim your space and stop worrying about invasions or the paltry concerns of the thoughts and feelings of others. Of course, you’re going to have to do a fair amount of preparation prior to letting rip in the fashion to which you’re not yet accustomed. Set the scene by installing the most incredibly bitchin’ sound system the world has ever seen. Then slave for hours on end in building the gloriously inventive playlist you know you have inside.

After all that, at long last, the moment of truth will have arrived. You can click that play button and allow the music to stream forth. Once that switch has been flipped, there’s simply no going back. It doesn’t matter if folk scream or wail at you to cease that infernal noise. Even if their ears begin to bleed and they can’t help but sob about torture, nothing and no one is going to stop you from playing that funky music.

Play that funky music – Wild Cherry


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