How To… Wait for Sleep

Face it, the drowsy fairy won’t be paying you a visit tonight. First you were too hot, so you energetically kicked aside the snuggly duvet eliciting anguished sleepy moans from your significant other. Then the chill set in and the shivery quivers running through your body were hardly conducive to the act of slumber. You frustratedly burrowed your face into the pillow in the hope that you might accidentally smother yourself to the point of unconsciousness but certainly not any further.

Flocks, clusters and finally hordes of sheep have been counted as they shuffle their boring way past mental gateposts. Maybe the reason you can’t sleep is because you’ve got too much stuff on your mind. Perhaps you ought to spend an intensive late night session thoughtfully sorting through all those niggling issues you’re currently facing in day to day existence. Or you could just be worried about myriad factors of modern life that are far beyond your control and it definitely wouldn’t be constructive to devote a whole lot of headspace to it.

You could leave the bed and curl yourself in front of the telly to watch a film that’s on during the early hours that you’ve been meaning to watch for ages. Or there are always all those terribly compelling TV shows you’ve been promising yourself to catch up on. How about a book? When was the last time you found yourself with enough time on yours hands to kick back and read?

But you really need to doze off soon. There are important matters that truly deserve your unblinkered attention in the morning. Just wait, it’ll totally absolutely happen. Wait as the sky turns from darkening to pitch black to a heart sinking lightening informing you that you’ve missed the boat on a decent night of kip. Maybe a nap then, perk you up for the unstoppable morning. Wait, it’ll come. Promise.

Wait for sleep – Dream Theater



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