How To… Make Peace

Call me crazy (actually, don’t, it’s very hurtful and rather more insulting to those who are actually afflicted with pronounced mental conditions. I like to think of myself more as an eccentric even though I’m essentially painfully normal) but I somehow don’t think that dumping a vat of bombs or whatever on a powder keg of a situation is actually going to help anything. Perhaps I should do a little more examination of the news before chucking in my two cents.

It’s taken most of us by surprise, this brand new spanking US strike on Syria. I’ll freely admit that I don’t know that much about it and don’t fully understand the various implications but then again, neither does Donald Trump. Sure, he’s playing his favourite party trick of directly contravening statements he made criticising his predecessor’s surprisingly similar actions.

However, this isn’t a case of indulging in a stupid amount of golf (any amount of golf is moronic but when you’re supposed to be running a country it is that much harder to justify – when Obama did it, it was occasional well deserved downtime, probably). Past Donald actually made a few good points, the President should have to seek congressional approval prior to bombing the living daylights out of foreign climes. Which is precisely why a previous attack didn’t actually happen.

Is he trying to prove his independence from Russia? It’s a shock and awe show of power, right? I’m sure people who voted for him are pleased as punch that he’s finally had a go in the presidential play box and rustled up some nukes. Sure, Hillary may have been even worse on this front, we just don’t know what she’d have done but you can’t help but feel she’d have some reasoned arguments based on extensive intelligence briefings and previous diplomatic experience rather than whatever just aired on Fox and Friends.

Make peace – Murray Gold


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