Walking in Goodnight Autumn

I know, we have at long last launched headfirst into glorious spring. The sun is shining, lambs are gambolling in green spaces somewhat further afield than I can currently see out the window and new life is sprouting pretty much everywhere (it’s starting to sound like the build up to a pregnancy announcement isn’t it? I’m really not, honest. There will be much more fanfare when I am). But why then am I choosing to wallow in the opposite season?

Especially goodnight autumn which is clearly the time of year when things are creeping into winter. I promise I’m not just yearning for opportunities to wrap up in layers of gloriously chunky knitwear, that’s simply a bonus. Go on, indulge in a few moments of considering which bulky scarf you’re going to wrap around you when the time and weather allows. Speaking of weather, a potter about with a chill in the air is so much more relaxing than when the sun’s beating down on your face.

So take the time to extend the daydream away from merely the woollen goods you’ll don. Imagine the crisp autumn air caressing well, whatever bits of you enjoy the sensation. You can stomp and crunch your way through the colourful foliage, keeping a watchful eye out for any inquisitive wildlife. Maybe you’ll be out late, potentially so much so that you’ll get to watch the stars come out.

By this point of course you’ll have made your way out of the woods (because dark woods in late autumn is definitely the setup for a particularly bloody horror story and as such would crush the nature scented romantic picture we’ve been carefully cultivating together). You may well be on a hillside holding hands with someone you love. The other seasons can go away and suck it (substitute whatever word you fancy there), autumn rules.

Song choices courtesy of: Mark Cohn, Tammany Hall NYC and Coco and the Butterfields


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