Life is the Bald Knight Bleeding Out

Alrighty then, twisting abstract ideas into some semblance of an obscure metaphor. Here we go. Every last component of the statement has to represent an element from your current reality. We could begin with the bald knight. Then again, the bleeding out portion of proceedings is almost definitely an awful lot easier to figure out. Quite obviously, it relates to dying.

Wow, so far I’ve established that life means dying. From the very moment we’re born, even as we grow, learning about the world around us, we’re stepping that little bit closer to shuffling off the mortal coil. Deep huh? And as it comes to bleeding out, that’s really rather violent don’t you think? You’re hardly going to bleed out from an especially energetic nuzzling. It’s precisely the sort of event that occurs from a shooting, stabbing or possibly even a totally vicious and random animal attack.

So life is a violent death. Awesome. With that we clearly have to return to the matter of this mysterious bald knight. The fact that he’s a knight would hopefully suggest that he’s valiant. However, in the modern topsy turvy world of ours knights don’t necessarily represent the chivalric values they once did. They don’t even carry swords with them anymore. Unless they’re Terry Pratchett and take the whole thing seriously. He even forged his own. Awesome man.

The fact that he’s bald could tell you something or other about him. Then again, male pattern baldness can strike at pretty much any age and doesn’t make one any less virile because of it. Just putting that out there. Maybe he should remain something of an enigma. For the sake of keeping life that little bit more interesting. After all, isn’t it so terribly boring to have absolutely everything figured out ahead of the schedule? Maybe you should relax a little and let your knight sweep you off your feet. Or something.

Song choices courtesy of: Noah and the Whale, Folk On and the Script


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