Once More With Meaning

It’s all well and good to step up on that stage and sing your little earnest heart out. However, it’s another thing entirely to know deep down that there’s a good and solid reason for doing so. Now, please don’t think of me as being remotely patronising when I ask you this, but are you simply doing it all for attention? Do you want the girls and boys to stop what they’re doing, prick up their ears and focus every last scrap of their awareness squarely on you?

Perhaps your decision making process has been swayed by the lure of reality television. You’ve noticed the poignant back stories of hopefuls on various shows we’re not going to give the oxygen of publicity by naming. They pour out their allotted streams of woes and then step into the spotlight. The music wells up to the point that they absolutely cannot hold it in even so much as a moment longer. But there are plenty of other reasons for singing that a cheap grab at fame.

How about the fortune portion? If you’re employed as a professional singer, from popular, jazz to operatic you may not take too much pause contemplating the meaning behind your notes. Or perhaps, this is a more compelling reason that most to really think deep about the precise ins and outs of your occupation. Sure, you’re quite literally singing for your supper (and to pay that expensive rent I’ve been hearing so much bile about) but there has to be more to it than that, right?

Who are you when you’re singing? Are you inhabiting a character using song as an outlet to nurse a broken heart? Or someone else entirely who has experienced another form of betrayal – they may even have a natty prop sword protruding from their theatrically aimed armpit. What does it all mean? Oh, and take two.

Song choices courtesy of: Find Cape. Wear Cape. Fly and Monty Python


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