Your Own Starry Eyed Thought Bubbles

We established this a very long time ago, you’re a wistful little button of idealism and this post truth laden alternatively factual darkest timeline that we’re currently slogging through is somewhat getting you down. It would be utterly fatuous of me to simply tell you not to let it. Then, for me to stroll away, hands in pocket, whistling a jaunty tune, would do nothing but to rub salt into that fresh wound (especially as I am tone deaf – I’m definitely not going to make too much of the fact that I just realised I mistyped ‘death’ there instead – and largely incapable of whistling, nonchalant or otherwise).

You need to offer up more wisdom than simply the nugget of don’t do that thing you’re finding it impossible not to. It’s like blithely suggesting that I don’t worry. Not going to happen. Instead, try and focus on the positives that are definitely still going down in your life. Less than excellent personal circumstances are not going to dispel those starry eyed thought bubbles entirely.

Rather than just desperately holding onto the few instances of happy that your brain is latching onto you’re going to have to do more. Think of fluffy little puppies, no, not the ones rolling around in oil spills, they’re not going to do anything to improve your mood. They’ll be inextricably linked with sad pelicans forevermore.

We have to cast about for something impossible to sully with environmental catastrophes. So pretty much anything natural is almost certainly out. Polar bears are far too depressing to contemplate. Kittens grow up into claw wielding maniacs, flowers wither and die even when the global temperatures aren’t soaring to unprecedented levels. Anticipated television is bound to disappoint. It’s probably a far better plan to dive into a realm of fantasy where you’re in charge of everything and the bad monsters can’t actually hurt you.

Song choices courtesy of: The Verve, Ellie Goulding and Vincent Rodriguez III


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