Music For Your Rat

It’s so very easy to get thoroughly self conscious once you start sharing your musical or otherwise tastes with someone you care about. You anxiously try not to sneak looks in their general direction in an effort to gauge their response to whatever it is you enjoy so much. Then you get uncomfortable sitting about on tenterhooks until they deign to give you some variety of opinion.

What can make it all that much harder is when that audience member whose approval you so very much desire lacks the general capacity to communicate with you. Even if someone were to say that the track you played was ‘fine’ you would be able to glean from their tone and body language that they’re a dirty filthy liar with no appreciation for art. If they’re rather more animal in disposition a twitch of the whiskers is so very enigmatic by comparison.

So you may have formed something of a general idea as to what music your pets prefer (howling, moaning, scratching at the door in an effort to escape are subtle hints that the beloved animal in question probably ins’t one hundred per cent into that Nickelback CD you insisted on putting on). However, it’s impossible to know for certain what sort of music you should be playing for your, just by way of random example, beloved rat.

By all means, take the time to do the requisite research. Subject it to all manner of personality tests to find out if it’s a funky rat or a pop rat or one who’s terribly excited to explore that indie scene we’ve all been hearing so much about. Keep it soft, set the mood or it’s probably better to avoid the region of date music so it might be that much better to opt for something a little more country. You know how well he rocks a tiny cowboy hat.

Song choices courtesy of: Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Polica and Christophe Beck


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