Baking Battlegrounds

Ooh, it’s tense. We’re having a Bake Off today at work. Not quite with the same production values as the recently controversial programme of the same name but with any luck with the same supportive yet competitive spirit. I’ve gone with something of a gamble and neglected to make a cake or even biscuits (despite the fact that, as noticed when checking through my emails on this subject, these are all the baked goods that are mentioned).

However, my key lime pie is my signature dish (because I’ve made it about three or four times which is easily double as much as any other baked good I’ve produced. I’m not very big on making puddings. More at eating them) so this is what I’ve brought to the party. I’m quietly confident even though I’m painfully aware what I’m up against (a colleague’s practice run of cookies were delicious). Plus there are fifteen other competitors in the fray.

But if I can’t be star baker because of my unconventional choice and the fact that others are far more proficient in the kitchen then at least I won’t get the wooden spoon. Probably not, they can’t kick me out of the kitchen at any rate. Turning it into a competition certainly ramps matters up a notch or seven. Even though the main thrust is supposed to be raising money for charity (I’ve already made a donation so consider my do gooder halo polished to perfection).

Win or lose (it’s going to be lose. I’m not trying to be self deprecating or anything but I’m all up in my head. Not to mention the fact that I really ought to have put the juice from that fourth lime in, I didn’t want it to be too tart that was all), it’s the taking part that matters. Even if that is loser talk.

Song choices courtesy of: Tom Howe and Coco and the Butterfields


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