Exit Music We Fall Asleep To

You’ve thought about what your theme tune would be. Don’t try to deny it, you’ve seen the power that music has in manipulating emotions. I know I own more soundtracks than most (it’s always helpful to have a ready stock of instrumental tracks to accompany rather than distract serious work or thinking) but even so you can hardly help but notice the motifs that guide your thoughts with regards to particular characters. It’s a lot more subtle than the pantomime music cues but similarly suggestive.

It’s altogether far less likely that you’ll have devoted much thought to your own exit music. It would frankly be a little morbid if you had. You could well have considered how you’re going to die and fantasised about the ideal way you’d like to go. As long as I have all my faculties intact and have clocked up another five or six decades I’m minded to count it as a win. Some will no doubt want to go out in a blaze of glory but most of us are probably a lot more satisfied with a less flashy affair.

Accordingly, you’d expect to have a fitting musical accompaniment to that variety of demise. Perhaps some soothing strings or a rippling yet gentle solo on the piano. As you fall even deeper into the endless slumber you can just imagine a tearful audience already reminiscing on the varied aspects of your undeniable brilliance. Those trying to blink back their sorrow may need a bar or two of your exit music to tip them over the edge.

You won’t be surprised to learn that there are composers hard at work on the exit music for each and every member of the living population (group deaths are the most complicated, a tapestry of melodies building into a sumptuous harmony that will try its hardest to break your heart) but you definitely don’t want to hear yours. Not yet anyway.

Song choices courtesy of: Radiohead and Frank Turner


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