Always with the Broadway Salvation

Sure, I’ve never once in my whole entire life so much as seen a Broadway play. I have also neglected to undertake the merest hint of research. However, my complete inability to even name a single item performed on those illustrious stages doesn’t exclude me from being able to sally forth with whatever opinions I may have on the matter.

Essentially, people are forever searching for a positive spin to put on things that manifestly suck. We’re steaming our way unstoppably out of the EU thanks to our fearless leader shaking off her former Remainer shackles, the United States is being ostensibly helmed by an impatient child too ill-informed to fully appreciate the harm he’s doing when he comes out with whatever bat shit thought enters his blinkered mind and a third thing that’s even worse than the other two put together but I’m simply too melancholy to contemplate.

On the bright side, because there always has to be one, these are world events ripe for storytelling. Once upon a time, they might have ended up on a screen of one sort or another. Nowadays, you can bet your bottom dollar it won’t be cinema. There’s nothing like enough room for those sorts of tales what with all the superheroes and terribly important rebooted franchises taking up all the space.

With their increasingly lavish budgets, television might be the correct arena. However, the delicious drama oozing from every new development clearly means that these sagas are made for Broadway. They’ll be the revitalisation of the genre, its salvation in increasingly trying times. So what if no one can afford the ticket prices because society has descended into chaos, the millennials have risen even though there’s nothing now to lead? It’s a sign of how excellent the phoenix rise was that Broadway outlasted even Netflix.

Song choices courtesy of: Murray Gold, the Goo Goo Dolls and Gabrielle Aplin


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