Under the Blush

I just want to get a few things straight. Why precisely do you think you need to know what’s under the blush? Yes, you’ve been perfectly forthright about your marked preference for the so-called natural look but at the end of the day what does it have to do with you? Odds are, even if you have a certain special lady in your life, she hasn’t done it for you.

That sounds a bit harsh doesn’t it? It’s nothing personal, I swear it isn’t and I’m having something of a stab at not coming across as hostile but there’s only so much space I can devote to endless apologies. Especially for things that don’t really merit one, call it my neuroses coming to the fore as they are so wont to do. I’m sure your curiosity has been piqued more than anything else.

Under that powdery layer of blush could be almost anything. Unsightly craters, black, white and red could be marring the otherwise porcelain visage. It’s only natural to want to hide such an affliction given the pesky prevalence of masterfully airbrushed images. Perhaps the blusher has been hastily applied in an attempt to hide a more natural blush sprung from embarrassment or even an attraction of a most unsuitable nature.

In this day and age of fake news and alternative facts is a lady not entitled to a veneer of secrecy? As opposed to wearing her heart so precariously on her sleeve, she ought to be allowed the opportunity to conceal a feeling or two. Chaps too for that matter, if they’re confident enough in their own skin and masculinity then they should by all means sprinkle on a little blush. Keeps everyone guessing – no one wants to be too obvious after all. Perhaps if you’re polite and wait for your moment you may be granted a peek under the blush.

Song choices courtesy of: Amber Benson and Murray Gold




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