Love Triangles Give Good Underdog

I don’t know what you’re talking about, that title totally makes perfect grammatical sense. Anyway, love triangles have admittedly been an over-utilised dramatic tool of late when it comes to all that delicious young adult fiction you’ve been so keen to consume of late. But there is a reason for that. Especially when it comes to British sensibilities, we do so love an underdog and if there’s even the slightest chance they’ll get the girl in the end (or chap, equal opportunities for all and no discrimination on gender or orientation. Tinkety tonk old fruit and down with the Nazis and all that) we’ll root for the unlucky in love sod.

Because no matter how massively uninterested you are in someone’s romantic situation, when multiple suitors are involved you’ll always have a clear favourite. You may not want to care or have the capacity to admit it out loud but whether or not you’re prepared to buy the promotional t-shirt you will have a team association. It’s a rare situation where you’ll find yourself of the opinion that you reckon whoever it is would be heartily better off alone.

Perhaps you need to liven up your own romantic situation. Thanks to the magic of internet dating and all those mobile apps doodahs it’s easier than ever to rustle up one or two dating prospects. You could even hook up cameras at various date locations so that folk can weigh in so that you can benefit from the mighty wisdom of their two cents. Who on earth needs reality television when you can make it yourself?

And then, just for the sake of the ratings, you’ll zig when they expect you to zag. You’ll bestow your affections on the underdog, they’ll totally go wild for it. You’ll run off into the sunset, brimming over with excitement regarding the rightness of your decision. Then have to make hopelessly stilted small talk because sheer awkwardness of the situation has overwhelmed you.

Song choices courtesy of: Rachel Bloom and Imagine Dragons


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