A Stranger Explains Breakable Stones

With the obsessive researching capabilities of the internet is anyone really and truly a stranger any more? Sure, you might not know anything much about them at this specific juncture but after an hour or two let loose on Google you’ll have assembled as comprehensive dossier on them as any flashy professional PI. There’s all that tasty information up for grabs mainly because they were so keen to volunteer it in the first place. Then all you need to do is make one or two completely logical leaps and you’ll know more about them than their own mother. Especially as they’re the less than considerate sort who never calls.

But I’ve already digressed. If the stranger wishes to remain an unknown quantity then I should think that you could respect their privacy. What’s more, it’s of far greater importance that you take heed of the knowledge they’re trying really very hard to impart. I’m prepared to bet that you’d never actually heard of breakable stones before, much less be able to register their significance in your day to day life.

Right now, you could easily be thinking that you don’t know this lady who’s chosen to spend her time spouting off on something else you don’t particularly understand. Could I be pompously (not to mention a little strangely) referring to myself as a stranger? Am I trying to give myself an added veneer of mystique? I’m definitely not just stalling because I can’t for the life of me work out how breakable stones are going to come into this.

Really, you should be directing your attention in the direction of the stranger. They’re impatiently waiting so that they can get right on with their lecture on destructible igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic structures. It might just save your life. Well, almost definitely won’t but the knowledge could prove invaluable next time you participate in a pub quiz.

Song choices courtesy of: Rachel Bloom, Mark Mothersbaugh, Ingrid Michaelson and Benjamin Francis Leftwich



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