The Seaside of the Peaches and Finale Signature Cakes

Plenty of seasides are perfectly lovely as they are. Some of that charm is undoubtedly wrapped up in whatever weather happens to be transpiring at that particular moment. It’s hard to feel any significant level of animosity towards a setting when it’s bathed in glorious sunshine with a hint of a promising breeze. Similarly, even a sumptuously sandy beach is prone to having a pall cast over it when the rain’s lashing down and howling wind is encouraging crashing waves to engulf everything to the point of ruining that beautiful sandcastle you spent so long in crafting.

But when I tell you that this beach is something very special indeed you ought to know that I mean it. For one thing, I am prepared to bet that you’ve never been able to find an orchard bursting with peaches in such close proximity to the sea front. Or maybe you have and I’ve been taken in by something of a cheap ploy.

But even if that were true it wouldn’t matter all that much to me. If you’d seen this beach you’d understand. The peaches are one thing (and I don’t even like peaches. Not really to my taste and I get a little bit nervous around potential places for wasp congregation. I’m a little fraidy cat, want to make a big deal out of it?) but the beach also just so happens to be a magical place where competitive bakers like to congregate.

There’s a kitchen not so very far away which is where the cooks forge their delicious confections topped off with frosting and marzipan animals. Then they skip down to the sandy expanse where they set up stall for passersby to sample their tempting wares. It’s a place to escape the swaggering bully of reality, this seaside of peaches and finale signature cakes.

Song choices courtesy of: Beans on Toast, John Williams and Tom Howe


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