This is Dinosaur Ladieswear

Imagine if the dinosaurs hadn’t died out. Sure, it’s very possible that if they hadn’t mammals wouldn’t have evolved to the point that allowed for us to start strutting around as if we owned the place. However, let’s pretend that if it weren’t for one wayward asteroid we’d be merrily coexisting with our massive reptilian friends (it’s going to become increasingly obvious I don’t know very much about dinosaurs and the things I’ve found out have confused me ever so slightly. Could they have had feathers?).

So let’s dive right into that particular scenario. We have a certain way with our pets. A brief perusal on the internet (that I refuse to do because my search history is already twisted enough) will show you a veritable cornucopia of costuming options for whatever canine or feline companions you might have in your life.

If you felt the compulsion strongly enough to whip out your plastic payment card of choice and wait about for delivery you could dress up your noble doggy friend as a sailor. Or your tabby cat could get into that stunning policewoman impression she’s always been yearning for. I’m sure there’s a bustling market when it comes to even more exotic pet costumes. Wigs for geckos, tap shoes for hamsters, hilarious film related props for your beloved snake (that may or may not consist of a top hat or similar).

So you can’t possibly claim that if dinosaurs roamed among us we wouldn’t be exploring outfitting options for them. And the very basics happen to be separating pieces of clothing into male and female (not that we’re saying a male velociraptor wouldn’t be more than welcome to sport a fetching skirt. It’s the twenty first century after all). Therefore, allow me to welcome you to the very latest designer line of dinosaur ladieswear. It’s going to be huge.

Song choices courtesy of: John Powell, Emmy the Great and Murray Gold


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