All I Want is a Thousand Polkas

You’ll have heard various phrases along the lines of ‘dance all your troubles away’. When you get out on the dancefloor and energetically boogie your little heart out it’s so much more difficult to feel weighed down by your burdens, no matter how cumbersome and heavy they might otherwise feel. Especially when it comes to the polka, it’s so upbeat and you definitely have to concentrate on the steps.

With all that jolly music playing in the background your cares will seem as if they’re worlds away (even if they aren’t and are almost certainly growing and getting ever more complicated as you indulge in a distracting dance session). The beat will dispel any troublesome notions about downright lies about wire tapping or momentous decisions about the future of the country that are completely out of your hands or even the implications about the death of the Dalai Lama and China’s interference in designating his successor (I watched a thing, interesting if unsettling).

So let’s get through the bad times with a thousand polkas in the naïve hope that once we’re done matters will have worked their way round to good at last. Because it would be the height of injustice for current events to continue a downward slide all the way towards apocalypse. Surely at some point we’ll get to experience the heady highs of the golden age that was the fifties (or at least that’s what I’ve been led to believe is the case)?

Forget the resistance or attempts to hold the people at the top to accountability. This is quite clearly not having any discernible effect. You can lay all of that to one side and for a change you can do you. Throw on your dancing shoes, grab a partner (with consent of course) and let’s get that beat rolling.

Song choices courtesy of: Barry Louis Polsar, Vanessa Carlton and Weird Al Yankovic


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