Two Seater City Wagons

We should be working harder to solve the pressing problems facing society these days. Sure, vast proportions of the population are feeling disenfranchised and marginalised by a basic lack of progress and betterment in their lives but let’s make sure we come up with solutions to the really important issues. For example, traffic in big cities is a total ‘mare, what can we do to tackle it?

There’s stuff like introducingĀ a congestion charge. This has manifest benefits like raising additional funds for exciting things like sweets or opera houses but also gives people something surprisingly worthy to complain about. However, it doesn’t do anything constructive to cut down on the sheer volume of traffic. Somehow encouraging lift shares isn’t quite as sexy or attention grabbing.

We could always just go back to horses, wouldn’t that be glorious? Just picture the big roads bustling with ponies and traps and various riders on horseback. You’d feel compelled to come out with a pocketful of sugar lumps in case you had the opportunity to make a new friend. Of course, in spite of all that nature related loveliness, you might run into a problem or two with, what we might call, effluence. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I have to pronounce this solution a no go. Even if it would provide plenty of ever so slightly smelly jobs

So let’s cast our attention back to the wagons. They’d be marginally more high powered than rickshaws or sedan chairs (although, those could definitely be a possibility. We’d have to wait until the robots come in though as there’s a distinct prejudice at the moment against the immigrants who’d have to be drafted in to pull or carry them). Equally though they’d be so much less polluting than all those cars running amok. We’ve basically got this global warming thing licked.

Song choices courtesy of: Bowling for Soup, Emmy the Great and Mark Mothersbaugh



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