Watchdog to Launch Probe into New Watergate Plot

Every successful standalone simply has to have a sequel nowadays. There’s simply no faith in original storytelling. I’m sure a portion of it probably boils down to the fact that folk have got it into their pretty or otherwise little heads that there are no fresh ideas to be had. Therefore rehashing of old concepts and leaning on previous standbys is only to be expected. So we hardly need to spend a great deal of time going into the various whys and hows this brand spanking new Watergate scandal has come about.

It’s a shame that it didn’t actually all go down at that particular hotel. If you ask me, and clearly you have because you’re here drinking up my rampaging knowledge like the crafty consumer you are, they’re just flinging around the Watergate label as a lazy comparison in the hope that people won’t pick up on that as they spin the tale into a franchise.

And yet, detractors have somehow seen fit to stick their nasty little oars in and complain. They’ve managed to kick up enough fuss with their officious petitions and unwavering meddling that a probe has been set up. If they find wrongdoing or straight up untruths or anything else similarly unsavoury then I just don’t know what’s going to happen. People up until this point have been more than happy to swallow varying degrees of total bull when it comes to their alternative fact media diet so I can’t imagine that will change.

Although, and I could be accused of being something of an overhopeful optimist in this, I cling to a stubborn streak of believing in my fellow man (and woman, of course). When made to face up to uncomfortable realities we could collectively sigh, chuck the evil perpetrators somewhere secure, throw away the keys and move on with our lives. It could happen.


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