Scots to Demand New Betrayal

If this whole independence business is to go forward with any level of greater success then clearly more fuel for the fire is a key requirement. New ground has already been broken thanks to the clear dividing lines drawn by the Brexit vote debacle. I mean, it’s great for the general sense of justice in the world that something good came out of that particular blot but it doesn’t make me any happier that it makes it so much easier for our Scottish neighbours to leave us.

However, since the most recent attempt to slip the surly bonds of Westminster and an increasingly London-centric land didn’t quite pan out as hoped the leaders hoping to take their people towards freedom want to stack the odds in their favour. Labour’s current wobbles and infighting is a great place to start but it’s just not personal enough especially as the SNP such a mighty stranglehold north of the border.

Lothians, Glaswegians, Highlanders and many more besides are actually going out of their way to goad folk in the hope that they can catch a little something of tape. From there, seeds will be planted throughout the internet as part of an aggressive and surprisingly well thought out grassroots media campaign.

The limp and increasingly tepid half-arguments of the Better Together campaign will be swept away completely. The years (and you’re probably just as surprised as I am to figure out that it’s been that long since the last bid for emancipation. Everything that’s happened since then, I know we’re keeping at least one set of digits crossed that we’ll wake up and be so very relieved to realise that it’s all just been a terrible dream) since the referendum have been doing the independence lobby’s job for them. So, what’s going to be the next but one nail in the coffin for the UK?



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