Toxic Air Risk to the Workers’ Party

It’s terrible when the Conservatives win. Not because I’m thoroughly partisan in my politics (although it’s safe to say that I’m more than exasperated with the state of the Labour party at the moment and their baffling refusal to represent anything remotely resembling an effective opposition) but because they’ve adopted such a smug expression that I can barely stand to look at any of them. It’s like they’ve been vindicated in doing everything they’re getting done because of a supposedly historic gain.

But that’s fine because a completely different person has devised a completely brilliant and not remotely evil solution. I mean, it’s relatively drastic to threaten the governing body with poison gas simply because you’re unimpressed with the way they’re running the country. I can’t say I’ve totally checked the rulebook but I’m sure that the criminal justice system might have a little something to say about it not to mention a couple of objections. So very tiresome.

Or maybe it’s not a remotely real proposition. Someone might be talking bigger than their britches that don’t quite measure up. It wouldn’t be the first time that an unbalanced type has got it into their head that something or other needs to be done Then they come up with a completely brilliant plan and believe that will power is the only method required to follow it all the way through.

But this is the problem when you start adopting mantles or titles that don’t rightfully belong to you. Folk are bound to start raising all manner of objections just because they don’t feel right about it. Do the workers’ even really have a party nowadays? Shouldn’t the people at the top represent everyone? What about those poor overworked bankers who deserve to have their thoughts and feelings respected in the workings of power? And all the pensioners?

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