City’s Stability at Risk from 80 mph Storm

Admittedly, it’s a city constructed solely from matchsticks and piles of sand but it’s still an impressive sight to see. Sadly, we all live in a transient world where nothing lasts any more. The rise of digital means that we do have the means of storing absolutely every last thought but we no longer possess the physical in quite the same way as we used to.

I know I’m rambling but I also know that you know that I have a definite real point. You’re essentially on the brink of digging through your old photo albums and lamenting the fact that you can’t do the same with the more recent ones. Clicking through Facebook simply doesn’t hold the same level of nostalgia for you. Holding a phone in your hands just isn’t anything like as good as smearing fingerprints over something that too will fade with time.

At any rate, weather is coming in the inevitable way it does in this country. However, this isn’t your average garden variety weather that leaves you with unbecoming drizzle clinging to your eyelashes and without even the merest hint of a stunning summer tan. This is howling weather that threatens to fill your boots to the brim with freezing rainwater, to send your lovingly maintained fence sprawling to the ground and to utterly ruin your carefully crafted hairdo. And it’s a storm named Doris so you know it’s definitely going to be super scary.

So, the brave city made from trembling shreds of potential kindling quivers a moment away from annihilation. What’s to be done? Pipe on the superglue, batten down the ubiquitous hatches and hold your breath as you hope so very much to wait it out? Possibly. Or perhaps you’d be better off just walking away and making peace with the fact that nothing you build will last and the world is a very awful place. Or something a little more positive about kittens.


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