Tories Turn on Lords Still

They’re significantly older than the general population and even more out of touch than the average pensioner. You can hardly be all that surprised they’re not completely aware of those new fangled security gizmos. Why would anyone be interested in having cameras inside the House of Lords? It’s not as if anything terribly interesting goes on in there. The odd vote, yes. But those occur with rather more frequency and excitement in the Commons.

Yes, it’s essentially very expensive day care for people supposedly more than capable of looking after themselves. But they’ve totally earned it through their various ways. For example, if you’ve coughed up a sufficient amount of cash for ‘the good of the nation’ or whatever it was they said you ought to be able to get away with whatever you like. Or if you’ve served your time as a captain or even titan of industry you’re obviously more than deserving of just a little cream off the top of the jug before anyone else gets access.

With this frame of mind firmly in place, a couple of bored lords and ladies hit upon a rather wonderful idea to take up some time and have a bit of fun in the process (yes, I’m not sure it’s good for them either but I imagine the nurse will be round to them soon with another batch of those wonderful sedatives any minute). Why not get into alcohol manufacturing? Some delicious gin to while away those stuffy afternoons.

Now the Tories have turned around and cried foul. The poor bewildered peers of the realm have been left stunned and bewildered by such an unexpected shift in opinion. Somehow, it’s now considered not the done thing to sit about getting hammered when you’re supposed to be debating the future of the country and its glorious, most definitely fascinating legislation.


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