Housing Market Sparks Labour Fury

Oh, they’re positively incensed about absolutely everything nowadays. It comes with the territory of being highly unlikely to get back into power any time soon. For wide eyed idealists yearning for a better world that might be just fine. They can dream of what they might do were they granted a chance to rule. The Liberal Democrats have sadly felt the ills of not quite succeeding when that opportunity is granted. Still, we’ll never know how much of a mess we’d all be in if Nick hadn’t been there to temper Tory excesses.

However, when you’ve been in the driving seat it’s really rather difficult to be relegated to passenger. You have to be able to show patience, offering helpful suggestions to an alternative driver. Maybe they don’t do things the same way you would, they speed up for bends in the road and show a shameful disrespect to the notion of matching gears with speed.

So Labour have wound up impotent and frustrated about it. UKIP are nipping at their heels and many of their typical voters have somehow wound up disenfranchised. I can’t fathom how that happened, lying down and not playing the part of indignant opposition just hasn’t done it for me personally. They’ll snap at any imagined slight or snide comment about their latest polling figures.

And now the housing market, that most rigid of British backbones somehow isn’t doing all that well with uncertainty, crap interest rates and private landlords insisting on snapping everything up. People just aren’t buying like they used to because things are stupidly expensive. Who says I don’t understand how macroeconomics works? What on earth can we do to calm the lefties? They’ll bristle at every single slide the country takes further into the muck but refuse point blank to do anything but moan about it. Oh well, cup of tea anyone?


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