Web Giants Profit from State of Chaos

Oh the ingenious ways people dream up to make money these days. Encounter any bump in the road and some outside the box thinker will have devised a brand spanking new method to fold in a revenue stream or six. And once you’ve kicked off such a process it’s a very difficult matter indeed to rein it in again. Your principles and ideals get somewhat skewed to the point that, so long as you’re still making a buck out of it, you don’t really care what’s going on in the rest of the world.

When a particular internet service is free at the point of use you might well start to wonder how it earns its money. Not always, upon a rare occasion it’s blindingly obvious from the cavalcade of banner ads or not completely subtle suggestions that you might get miles more enjoyment out of your experience by availing yourself of the delights of additional purchases. Otherwise though, you can’t immediately divine quite how they’ve managed to amass a fortune.

But I digress, probably. You’ll have heard from various thoroughly reputable sources that the media is awash with fake news. Mistruths are peddled for shits and giggles and bald attempts to destabilise society. For some reason. What you don’t know is that the likes of Google and Apple are very definitely in on it.

That’s right folks, the ghost of Steve Jobs doesn’t want you to have a secure future. For the sake of his company’s bottom line, he set things in motion to set us on shakier ground. Then the web giants were in a prime position to sell of personal information and advertising space and so many other things. You know, just before chaos really ramps up and we end up in a nuclear wasteland battering one another with our technological gadgets for the last scraps of food and potable water.


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