US Delivers Ultimatum over Madness

Ultimatums are pretty risky things. You’ve got to make sure that, even if you have a marked preference for one choice over the other, you can live with the consequences of either decision. Just because you’re desperately gunning for something in particular to occur and you believe in your heart of hearts that issuing your ultimatum is the best way to get it doesn’t mean that events will pan out quite as you hoped. Just a cautionary note rather than a meaty tale for you to sink your imaginative teeth into.

Anyway, with an ultimatum in hand you’ll be forcing issues all over the shop. They may even be a halfway decent method of getting some frigging answers for a change. Which is why it’s utterly understandable that one has floated its way on down from the White House itself (the proper one, on Pennsylvania Avenue rather than that showy winter affair with the worrying lack of decorum or proper national security).

Things have got themselves into an almighty muddle now haven’t they. The word impeachment keeps raising its ugly head with alarming regularity. People simply won’t stop going on about ties to Russia or leaks or fake news or illegitimate government or whatever else they’ve been twittering about of late. It absolutely had to be put a stop to.

Either you can admit that Donald’s the very best man for the job, perfectly well adjusted and equipped for office or you’ll carry on with this nonsense about madness and heading at breakneck pace towards hell in a vehicle that can only be described as a handcart. However, we must add the caveat that if you can find it in your heart to cop to the latter he will step down to spend more time with his business interests. If not, he’s entrenched for the full eight years (soon to rise to twenty and on towards infinity).


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