Secret Labour Search for Neutrality

It’s so much easier to exert your power in a situation where you don’t particularly care about the outcome. Bring your fervour to the table regarding a particular cause or endeavour and you are immediately showing your enemy a weakness that they will be all too ready to exploit. Rather than being an impassioned warrior in the pursuit of a goal you’re willing to die for you’re merely demonstrating the extent to which you’re over a barrel.

Maybe, just maybe you’ll get your own way on a single issue. Since it means to very much to you, your opponent may graciously concede whatever it is to you. For a price. In a multitude of other areas you’ll find yourself compromising and capitulating for the sake of whatever it was you burned with a righteous indignation for. However, if you were able to present a face of bland neutrality you might have been granted all you were searching for and more. That’s the business promise after all.

Labour are in relatively dire straits. Jeremy Corbyn even tried this neutral stance over Brexit and it didn’t exactly work out all that well for the collective good. That’s almost certainly down to the fact that the rest of the party weren’t willing to get behind him in this. This is the issue with the left, they care about stuff way too much. They’re all for social justice and equal rights and a whole host of alternative nonsense.

Now they’ve recognised the wisdom of not letting on how much they care about stuff. A call has gone out for those who have rather more acceptable poker faces. When negotiating at the table of power they’re no longer going to tout their oh so earnest values and see if they can’t broker some rather more acceptable deals. Otherwise they’re going into full tantrum mode and see if that does any better.


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