End to the Witch Hunt Fake News

How is it that fake news and alternative facts have already become an incredibly lazy short hand? Any lull in the conversation or point where you want to introduce a mistruth is heralded with one of those two tiresome monikers. There’s little to no subtlety in it any more, you can humorously lie and let people know you’re doing it all along. It works for both sides, you can brand your enemy as spreading fake news and discredit them completely.

So I will promise you right here and now, on a blog founded on utterly fictitious news stories long before it was remotely cool (and trust me, long after it fall out of fashion. People can try and nick my schtick but I’m like a dog with a bone and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let go before everyone else loses interest and moves onto the next terribly captivating fad), that I won’t use either of those terms ever again.

You know what though? That’s not enough. Just because one person abstains from a particular trend doesn’t mean it will go away. I should know, I’ve been emphatically rolling my eyes at the ridiculous kaleidoscopic keep calm and carry on iterations for literally ages. We need to go that little bit further in the hope that we’ll collectively be able to stamp out this nonsense for good.

So just stop it. Stop talking about fake news, quit leaning on it as a cheap laugh because it really wasn’t all that funny to start with (it’s not going to be that much of a conversational loss and it’ll do us all so much good in the long run). Most importantly, don’t let them exploit the term. Even if they’re lying through their back teeth don’t legitimise it by branding it fake news. Just keep asking for detail until they trip themselves up and land in a disgruntled heap in the dust.


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