Corbyn Forced Back to the 50s

So there are those who claim (mistakenly I might add but we’ll get onto that in a minute) that the ascension of the thin skinned man baby Donald Trump (I’ve been noticing a very slight uptick in traffic from the States of late so I can only assume he’s reading. Hi Don, be a human, history will thank you for it) is a proof that time travel doesn’t exist.

Someone way out in the future with a handy portal to yesteryear would surely feel it incumbent upon them to nip back to January of this year to halt the inauguration. Or possibly the year before to slip Clinton a helping leg up. Rather than averting the horrors imposed by the likes of Stalin or Hitler. But this is simply not the case, there are rules in place in future centuries outlawing any major alterations to history. They’re a drag but you have to colour inside the lines to explore the hazy days of yore.

That’s for another time though. The headline of today is that someone has discovered or invented or manipulated (unsurprisingly, they’re more than a little coy as to how they laid their greasy mitts on this particular technology) a wormhole that will take you back over six decades. Right into the utopian heyday of the fifties. When everything was perfect and no one had substantial problems to strive against.

And this is precisely where people are going to send their enemies. Because we’ve reached the point of where we are today the time travellers feel safe in the knowledge that opponents aren’t going to be able to alter the fabric of reality. It’s a totally humane way of dealing with people you’d sincerely rather were utterly out of the way. Corbyn will be unable to meddle any more but also be happy as Larry jiving away with milkshakes or what have you.


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