PM Accused of Closing Door on Brexit Rebellion

Doors are a surprisingly powerful tool. Should you open one and find, upon your very doorstep, something or other you don’t entirely approve of you can simply shut the door and it’ll all suddenly disappear from your reality. Provided you keep the entryway closed fast for a sufficient period of time, there’s an entirely legitimate hope that whatever was bothering you will have evaporating into the void of nothingness never to be seen on this plane of existence ever again.

All that being said, I’m not completely sure as to why people feel legitimised in levelling accusations at our fearless Prime Ministeress. If you were thrust into precisely the same situation without so much  as a whisper of forewarning I can’t help but feel that you’d react in exactly the same way. We’re all only human after all and are vulnerable to the same stable of frailties. I’ve been known to open a door, see something, turn my back and ignore it for so long that I can’t even remember what I’m trying to block out any more.

But let’s talk about the Brexit rebellion because I’m incredibly relieved that it’s materialised at all. We’re all well aware that it’s going to prove to be a futile effort thanks to the mandate courtesy of the will of the people and whatnot. At least we can be thankful that folk are ready to put up a fight no matter what.

Sure, certain decision makers feel stymied by the unfortunate views of their constituents, not to mention opportunistic parasites who will feel only too happy to take advantage of wavering opinions. However, now there are those ready to take up the flag and wave it for people happier to follow what they know in their hearts is right. And yet the lady at the helm of the country feels just fine in shutting the door on them? No way, open up Theresa!


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