British Gas Plans More Than the Sharks

Oh, you hadn’t heard about the shark plan? It’s a real doozy, a definite way of livening up that old utilities game that may or may not have stagnated just a little bit over the years. I mean, seriously, how do you bring an extra level of flavour to the supplying of fossilised dinosaur remains? Sure, they could do something radical like trotting out a trite invented tale of how Mr Velociraptor and King Triceratops got together with an extra special dream in mind of one day giving their lives in order to keep your computer running so that you can spend your life on social media. But that would be many varieties of lame.

These are the conditions under which sharks were able to enter the game. It started out, admittedly, as a bit of a joke in the room after something of a frazzled brainstorming session. And then things began to click and fall together in such a beautifully organic way that it was impossible to walk away from the genius concept. Before any substantial time had passed a website with little cartoon loan sharks was in place and various leaflets had already been printed up.

Bear in mind though that this is simply the start of the general equation. Various other animals, cartoon and otherwise (oh you should see the YouTube videos, the hits are blowing up. It’s like the baby panda sneezing clip met the tiny elephant playing with a ribbon scrap of loveliness and had offspring that was about two hundred and fifteen times more adorable) are poised to enter the fray. People will find paying their gas and heating or whatever else British Gas are providing nowadays bill a joy. Then comes the world domination, just as we were all catastrophically unawares. It’s the only logical next step.


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