How To… Just Dance

No politics. No news from the outside in any variety. No protests or wayward thoughts about the future consequences of decisions made far and away above your head. No worrying about opinions you hold or whether those around you agree with them, their world views conveniently aligning with yours or catastrophically opposing them in a fashion incompatible with polite social discourse. Indeed, there’s no real need for such a pedestrian activity as talking to get in the way of your dance.

Dancing, of course, comes in a cavalcade of assorted formats. Spirited sambas, tantalising tangos, wishful waltzes, boundless ballet, mind-bending modern all the way towards prancing round the discotheque dance floor like a gazelle because you’ve drunk enough to forget all your inhibitions but also the fact that you don’t actually know any proper steps. When you get down to it, past all the fancy flourishes, that’s the true heart of dance. Just don’t tell the professionals so.

Depending on your previous experience, the background music and, if we’re being honest, your level of inebriation your dancing plans will progress down a few different routes. Maybe you’d prefer to stick to the one genre, remaining firmly within your comfort zone. Or you could cycle through others that you’ve seen, bravely imitating styles and ignoring any evidence to the contrary that you’re not doing it with as much grace as they did.

Dancing is something you can do as a performance or as an interaction with others (possibly both at the same time but let’s not get too high up the ladder of complexity, we might be in for a terrible injury should we fall to the ground). There are plenty of awkward things you can start doing and then, when people start giving you funny looks, pass off as nothing more than a simple boogie. Hell, if you felt like it you could do nothing but twirl. Just never stop.

Just dance – Lady Gaga


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