How To… Rise and Shine

It’s an incredibly tall order. You’re expected, at a thoroughly unreasonable hour of the day when all right thinking people are still securely tucked up in bed, to leave that protective cocoon of duvet (and it’s certainly worth bearing in mind that a not insignificant portion of the night was spent in positioning the covers into precisely the correct level of snuggle) and get on with the matter of the day at hand.

However, I’m relatively certain I will told you many a time about how to wake up so let’s busily make our way over to the far more important shining portion of proceedings. I have not been seduced by the glitz and glamour of rather flashier subject. It’s simply that this is altogether a far more unusual kettle of fish, serving as a really rather handy distraction from any unpleasantness that may or may not be happening to occur elsewhere in the world.

So, let’s have a think about any potential shining you can be getting jiggy with. Unless you’ve recently been employed as an old fashioned scullery maid and they were in fact the ones tasked with polishing the silver – you know, getting a decent shine out of it – you’re probably not thinking of any shining that requires the hearty application of elbow grease. Which is a shame because it would be pretty easy to instruct you in such an activity and then go on to tell you the precise ways in which you’re doing it wrong.

When you think about it, you’re a lovely little shiny button of beauty and anyone would be happy for you to shine away into their lives. However, just in case, for no reason I can easily discern, folk get tired of your passive expectation of them to fall down and worship at your feet just for being there it’s worth coming up with alternative skills. Like shoe shining.

Rise and shine – Folk On


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