How To… Paint it Black

Sometimes you just want to embrace and simultaneously let out your overly dramatic teenage goth self out of their finely constructed mental cage. There are instances when emphatically pushing things over and above the limit can sound beautifully cathartic, especially when you feel any other power you used to hold eroded and curbed into nothingness.

Rather than addressing anything else that’s going on in your life, signing petitions, taking to the streets with righteous indignation and generally folding forth about your various opinions, it’s clearly time and past for some introspection. You can reach down, deep within your mind, psyche, soul or whatever it is you hold inside. Once you’ve found the spiritual substances of your core being you can vomit it all up and over your walls. Makes for some terribly interesting décor.

So, instead of fannying about in this diverting fashion you’ve decided to adopt for some unfathomable reason, we definitely have to get down to the act of daubing some colour on your walls (black, as we all know, being the presence of all colour. But somehow that’s not quite as catchy as straight up black). Then again, perhaps the it in question isn’t remotely related to the various ins and outs of home furnishing. It’s possible that you have other interests to occupy you in your waking moments.

You might be in the mood to indulge in some face camouflage that is in extremely bad taste (I don’t care if you want to play the card that it’s ‘traditional’ or ‘nothing to do with race’ in defence of the practice in Morris dancing or possibly mumming – I care even less which – it now has connotations and you have no right to claim that back. It cannot be worth it). Well, don’t do that. In fact, I think that your sudden obsession with all things dark is leading you into a bad place. Let’s be a bit sunnier. Opt for a calming yellow.

Paint it black – The Rolling Stones


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