How To… Dress it up, Better Have it all

There’s a certain something to be said for an ability to find the very best in any given situation. It means that when the world insists on giving you lemons, even the significantly rotted and diseased variety, you can make refreshing citrus based drinks. Suddenly confronted with a draconian, unfairly arbitrary and seemingly specifically designed to offend Muslim ban? Either you can shrug it off because it doesn’t affect you personally or if it does then you can thank your lucky stars for this unexpected opportunity to exercise your creativity when it comes to holiday planning.

However, not everyone can be so blessed with your sunny outlook on life. Occasionally, you will find yourself called upon to present an alternative case to how things appear to be in order to get people on board with the events going down. Not that we’re having to venture into the murky region of alternative facts, we couldn’t do that to one another. It’s sometimes simply a case of phrasing.

We’ve definitely discussed white lies before, they’re not totally evil if you’re doing them in the hope or endeavour that they’ll make someone you care about feel better than the truth might. Careful couching and sugar coating of unpleasantness may well be the way forward in this hectic workaday world of ours.

But on the other hand, if it’s better to have it all and the only way for it to be so is for you to dress it up then perhaps you need to reassess a few bits and pieces. Rather than clouding the truth by wrapping it in layers of woolliness and daubing it in white you could lay absolutely everything bare. Even if it’s difficult or painful or downright inconvenient, quite possibly the best thing you can do is to embrace it. I may have deviated from what I was trying to say but it’s sometimes better to be honest. Or not.

Dress it up, better have it all – Bob Dylan


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