How To… Adapt or Die

Generally, you have to admit that when it comes to a whatever it might be or die situation ninety nine times out of a hundred (if you’ve been in more than that many circumstances along those lines then you might just have a little bit too much excitement in your life) you’ll opt for the path that doesn’t lead to your untimely demise. That’s my roundabout way of saying that you probably won’t find it particularly difficult to adapt when a meeting with the reaper is the only alternative open to you.

It’s certainly worth evaluating your situation and finding out precisely how you’ve managed to find yourself confronted with this delightful little scenario. Or perhaps you’re being a little bit more dramatic than the situation warrants. If you fail to adapt the odds are highly in favour of the eventuality that you probably won’t die. You’ll simply find yourself gently or otherwise pushed to the edge and all the way out the door. By the sharks you work with who are either out for your blood or your position or quite possibly both.

But maybe you’re more than a little perturbed by various goings on. You’re uncomfortable with the feeling that when you change it’s not for the best or in such a fashion that will aid your general survival. You’ve become terrified by the prospect of being left out in the cold for rabid wolves to feast on your swiftly dessicating corpse.

So, just to make you feel that little bit more comfortable with what’s going down I’ll lay out just a few tips for your continuing safety. One, make some friends in important and lofty places. Two, equip yourself with a hefty bank of resources be they cash or potable water depending on the situation. Three, learn how to throw things at people and run away very fast. Only to be used in dire situations or when you don’t like where the conversation’s headed.

Adapt or die – Giraffe Tongue Orchestra


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