How To… Tell Me a Story

Let’s get away from the crushing disappointment of reality and dive into some fiction that isn’t in any way dystopian. But in a delicious subversion of expectations for once you’ll be the one spinning the mistruths and feeding them to me. Don’t get any ideas mind, if you start coming out with outrageous alternative facts I swear that before too long I will definitely cotton on and have something decidedly emphatic to say about the whole situation.

But this is no ordinary run of the mill garden variety story. I’d like it to be magically special and ingeniously captivating because there are myriad troubles to dispel at the moment. So the pressure’s on buddy, you need to don your thinking cap and get devising.

You are not totally alone though, I’m right here to inspire and to aid you in your storytelling endeavours. An excellent jumping off point would be to imagine some characters. Do try not to be too obvious if you’re struggling against a certain paucity of ambition. Don’t give them the same name as the ones you or I bear, for example. Think about their personality, their dreams and ambitions, hopes, fears, likes, dislikes and so on ad infinitum.

Then plunge your captivating character into some variety of situation, strange or familiar as you desire. Add an exciting incident, some troubles for them to struggle against, perhaps even a foe to combat. If you’re feeling especially daring you can even have a stab add mixing in a twist to the narrative. Stoke fraying tempers and darkening situations all the way until a galvanising climax presents itself.

However, do remember that we are looking for a little bit of happiness so make sure that you have your characters home and safe in time for tea. Tea at which there really ought to be buns. Do tell me about it.

Tell me a story – Grace Petrie


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