How To… Rule the World

Yes, it’s developed into something of a rancid festering obsession, do you want to fight about it? It’s reality television, captivating, grotesque and overly aware of how to manipulate the audience’s attention. Plus it makes me really angry and this is a more acceptable outlet (to me at the very least) than hollering at great length about the situation of social media.

When it comes to ruling the world it can be a daunting prospect. You could well feel that you’ve loaded your plate with a little bit too much and are in the process of biting off rather more than you can reasonably chew. Let’s kick off with a few don’ts if you’re unsure of how to proceed.

Don’t immediately dismantle your predecessor’s handiwork (if they weren’t straight up evil that is). Don’t cling to lies and falsehoods supposedly in order to build up to everyone precisely how incredibly great you are – you’ll only end up looking petty and distinctly mad. If someone doesn’t think you’re amazing you can’t shout at them to try and change their mind, you’ll have to convince them with worthy actions.

Don’t spread division and derision, tearing people down in the hope that you’ll look better in comparison. Don’t continue as if you’re running a campaign, whether your win was legitimate or not, whether people believe it or not, for better or for worse you’re in. Act like it. Don’t stop people from talking about what you’ve been doing. If you’re afraid of a media backlash then behave as if you were worthy of praise.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t send your flunkeys out to spout untruths to make you look even weaker and pettier. Don’t lash out at vulnerable sections of society just because you can (strip women of access to contraception and abortions and you’ll reap nothing but hurt).

In terms of dos… well, do not be a complete dick and you’ll probably be alright.

Rule the world – Take That


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