How To… Give Peace a Chance

I can’t help but feeling that I keep harping on or back to the same area of subject matter. However, sometimes the only way to work something through in your own head is to have a stab at thinking it all through. My way of doing that is by writing, you may have noticed. So, we’ve stumbled into a fractured fretful world where an alarming number of folk seem more than prepared to tear one another’s faces off.

How do you then? How do you give peace a chance? When a group of old white men can gather in a room and make momentous decisions regarding the fate of women’s rights? In precisely the same world where ‘alternative facts’ can be touted as an acceptable way to treat the public. It’s been made abundantly clear that the actual opinions and desires of the general public are less than paramount and those at the top are only too happy to steamroller them in order to further their own petty agendas. Or perhaps I’m just being a sensitive snowflake again (if he releases his tax returns, I promise to take all of it back. Probably. Some of it anyway).

You could stop leaping to conclusions. Just because someone disagrees with you and you can’t fathom the motivations for or reasons behind their viewpoint doesn’t make them evil or analogous to demonic characters from the past. You could reach out with a hand of friendship to those who seem angriest. Or take the time to listen and even make some progress towards understanding.

No, all that seems too large a gap to bridge. I don’t think it’s especially realistic. After all, they’re hardly going to do the same for you. I reckon the very best solution to this thorny mess of a problem is to escape into a comforting world of fiction. You could read of course but even that to me smacks as altogether too much effort. Try telly instead, plenty of more exciting worlds to live in there.

Give peace a chance – John Lennon


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