How To… Cry a While

There’s something about crying (I definitely haven’t been crying recently. I don’t know what you’re talking about. My eyes aren’t puffy if that’s what you’re thinking. Liberal dabbings of my peepers with cold water infused paper towels have totally definitely taken care of that situation). It’s awful to be around and quite possibly awful to experience in the moment.

I say possibly because during those emotionally charged seconds, minutes or hours you’ll be focused on something else entirely. That something depends on whatever it was that caused you to cry. I, for example, hate being in trouble and a sequence of events involving this variety of fun is bound to trigger my own personal water works. There are plenty of other instances that I find thoroughly tear inducing but I really don’t want to give you people too much ammunition against me. It’s a mistake to let your devoted followers know where and how thin your armour is.

But back to the weepies. A good old fashioned blubber can be rather more cathartic than you might think if you haven’t indulged in one in a good long while. Maybe you should let yourself go. Come on, I know you can do it. Think about something sad or infuriating or simply beyond your control. Let it build within you until you feel almost ready to explode with the sheer injustice of it all. Stop considering your surroundings, others around you who might feel embarrassed or, worse, try and prevent you from your tear leakage.

Those heaving sobs are no doubt bubbling up within you. Allow them. Or, if they’re anything like my sessions wallowing in the overwhelmingness of feelings, there may very well be little you can do to stop them. Sniffle if you want to have a meaningless stab at stemming the tide or just open your mouth and let it all out. Sure, it won’t be remotely pretty but you’ll feel a lot better afterwards.

Cry a while – Bob Dylan


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