How To… Shoot the Moon

I really don’t know what’s got into you lately. Perhaps some formerly latent violent tendency has flowered into wakefulness inside of you and you’re looking for ways to harness its energy. Or maybe the lunar sky circle has personally angered you in some way, such as refusing to come out at the right time and ruining a key romantic moment.

There’s a chance that this is more of a cause and effect situation where the tides brought about by the moon’s gravity or what have you seem to be stalking dear relatives. It’s quite possible that you have an overly active imagination and you really ought to go and see someone about it. A real someone, with a properly factual qualification in psychiatry who will charge you through the nose to diagnose your frankly obvious problems. But back to shooting the moon.

I’ve decided to deter you from this destructive path. It’s time and past we brought a little sunshine and positivity to proceedings. As opposed to blasting any heavenly bodies as they traverse our starry skies I implore you to go another way entirely. Consider all the myriad methods you might have to reach the end of shooting something. Sure, you could whack out a brace of pistols or a harpoon gun and fire ever upwards but you really would look quite mad and find it necessary to visit that licensed healthcare professional we’ve been discussing.

Why not take this as a golden opportunity to get back into that photography hobby you used to love back in the day? It could be all moody, intense and in black and white. But, how could you tell that you’d applied that particular treatment to the picture? That’s going to be the eternal mystery and a fantastic angle for your very first art show. I’m so proud of you.

Shoot the moon – Norah Jones

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