How To… Like a Boss

He (or she. Let’s face it, it’s statistically more likely in this sunny little world of ours that your boss will be a man. I feel a smug glow that I’m flying the flag for feminism by cleverly managing to have had 50% of my line managers be ladies. Fine, only one of two but that’s progress. Probably) holds a variety of different beliefs to you. Their personal hygiene isn’t entirely on point. They take credit for your successes and blame you for their flaws. They’re younger than you. Whatever your entirely justified reasons for not enjoying their company, you need to get over it.

Rather than just gritting your teeth and getting on with it (because that’s a sure fire route to lockjaw and your work is very likely to suffer as a direct result) you need to find alternative ways to cope. For example, find a way to like them. Seriously, even if they seem to be taking things in a direction that is entirely less than optimal. Or they have questionable habits in relation to the sexual harassment directives. Even if it’s simply for the sake of securing your position before screwing them over and taking on their additional responsibilities.

Search for as long as you need to in order to find some common ground. Delve into their personal life, hire personal investigators if you have to so that you can locate even the tiniest of slivers in the crossover of your respective Venn diagrams. Perhaps you’ve shared a beloved childhood hobby, have similar opinions regarding the excellence of dogs (who would have thought is was possible for two people to feel so strongly about spaniels?) or are both inspired to giggles when indulging in watching chick flicks. Or what have you. Maybe start sucking up or showering them with affection like you’re desperately trying to get them into bed. Liking will surely ensue.

Like a boss – The Lonely Island


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