How To… Bring Back the Silence

I’ve given up hope. Genuinely. It’s totally fine though. I am definitely not crying, bawling my eyes out in floods of hot and salty regretful tears – the scales having dropped from those completely dry eyes in a most spectacular fashion leaving me a disenfranchised husk of former idealism – you are. I’m no longer yearning for anything even resembling political representation. I’ve got multiple reasons and everything. 

For one, those who’ve managed to grip and, more crucially, hang onto the reins of power have demonstrated precisely how much compromise goes on. To a certain extent, this is to be expected. They have to try and opt for solutions that will satisfy the majority. Or something. My degree’s biological rather than the PPE trifecta that would qualify me for public office. However, when you start mortgaging futures and flip-flopping on every principle you previously held so dear just so that enough people will like you to keep you in place it’s a sign that something fishy is up. 

Also, if you hadn’t been paying attention, democracy is not to be trusted. People are rubbish and I’m not just saying that because the majority appears to disagree with my fluffy and delicate ideals. But seriously, folk suck. They park on double yellow lines to go and buy crisps because they’ll only be a second and it’s too much hassle to find a handy parking space. It’s fine to inconvenience everyone else – hey, I put my hazards on, it wasn’t going to be for long and they’re terribly vital crisps, look, Walker’s sensations – because your interests and conveniences are paramount. 

And that’s not even beginning to despair at the crop of nonsense we currently have to choose from. Even when we emphatically say no thank you there are plenty of public figures who force themselves forward and refuse to go away. It’s stalking on a national level. 

So I’m not saying that I want a different figure head. I’m not pinning any hopes on Corbyn and I reluctantly accept that no one with sense and decency, willing to stand up for things that matter, even at the expense of their personal career future. Let’s just have silence. Blissful, restful silence. It can’t be worse than how things are progressing at the moment, surely?

Joyce Grenfell – Bring Back the Silence

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