How To… Kiss With a Fist

It’s definitely nothing to do whatsoever with domestic abuse. Nope, no way. No one, especially not someone as genteel and floaty as Florence of the ‘and the machine’ variety (and Florences in general, you can’t help but feel it’s a pretty unthreatening name. Can you really picture being threatened at knife- or gunpoint by a Florence. Precisely, she’s more the type of person to be left behind in a pub. Or something) is going to advocate hitting a loved one, or anyone in general, and attempting to pass the gesture off as kissing with a fist.

Why would you think that kissing with a fist is something you either want or need in your life? Honestly, sometimes I don’t know if you’re acting out or if you want attention or if you’re the type of person we ought to be worrying about. It’s not always the swaggering loudmouth bully we need to concern ourselves with. If anyone wanders up to you with a large heap of disturbing questions you ought to at the very least remember who they are.

So perhaps we should just slow down for a moment or two and consider the possibilities. Perhaps this is a brazen attempt to subvert the potential meanings of a possibly difficult phrase. Kissing with a fist could be a not remotely dangerous way of channeling your anger into mildly destructive affection. You know, bringing the sledgehammer of love into your relationship.

Maybe a kiss with a fist really is better than none. It’s certainly not terrible thinking to imagine that any affection is preferable to none whatsoever. Kissing with a fist might be your way of framing the notion of hitting someone back after they struck you first. You know, like a more proactive version of turning the other cheek. Or you could simply opt for the old fashioned fistless snog. Up to you.

Kiss with a fist – Florence + the Machine


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