How To… Erase the Sun

The sun gets something of a bad rep. I suppose that’s probably not all that surprising given that, provided nothing else gets us beforehand, it’s going to be the thing that wipes us all out. For all that it’s a generous giver, the big cheese when it comes to any energy chains when it comes to life on earth, it’s also a bully that’s been holding armageddon over our heads for simply far too long now.

So it’s time we took that sucker out. We can make a strong point in order to teach that sucker who’s in charge here. Now, when it comes to erasing the sun, I’m prepared to bet that if we donned our collective thinking cap, found  a chunk of wishing dust and puzzled it out really hard then… yeah it’s definitely not going to happen and you’re a fool for believing that it might. Let’s just go after that newspaper that keeps meddling in politics.

And of course there was the whole furore over the women with brazenly unholstered chests. I’m afraid to look up whether or not that’s still a thing even though I have a sneaking suspicion that it almost definitely is. This means that I’m entirely justified in mounting a vicious crusade against them (even way back in medieval times they had to dig out a half baked excuse in going out and slaughtering peasants and such. I definitely should do a bit of research).

Get a copy of this publication (absolutely don’t pay for it, this would definitely run counter to our efforts) and scrub it until the words fade away from reality. Then keep going all the way through the stack in the newsagents (I mean, you may well get thrown out but you will have managed to make your point in a no doubt thoroughly effective manner). Go in peace.

Erase the sun – Beck


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