How To… Love the Way You Lie

Anyone can be an accomplished liar. Little white lies designed to make everyone feel better trip off the tongue with hardly any effort at all. Of course once you’ve dabbled in those increasingly murky waters, it’s barely the work of a moment to graduate to slightly weightier fibs. All in the endeavour of protecting that flawless reputation of yours, naturally. Then after all that it’s less of a leap than you might think to start making stuff up simply because you can.

And that’s essentially how you grow to love the way you lie. You start getting off on the high of forcing people to believe things that are other than the proper state of reality. There’s a certain power to it. You want to watch yourself though, if anyone cottons onto your nefarious and wilful interference with the truth they’ll never be able to look you in the eye and swallow your lies again.

So, it’s agreed. You’re going to keep coming out with whatever the hell strikes you at that particular moment in time and go forth in confidence that everyone will believe in you. But perhaps you’re one of those uncomfortable sorts who shudders at the very notion of urging someone down the garden path of fabrication. Or you’re just twitchy about the idea of getting caught in the act of drawing wool across someone’s vision. Well, just relax, we’ll get you there. You’ll be spinning tall tales with the very best of them.

Think about your lie. It doesn’t have to be anything big, it needn’t serve a purpose or cast anyone in a more flattering light. Feed your lie, round it out with extra smatterings of delightful detail. Let it live with you, become a part of your personality and then, when the time is just right, let it out into the world and fall in love with the relief it will grant you.

Love the way you lie – Eminem

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