How To… Sing for Absolution

This is very definitely a last ditch effort. You know, for those times when you’ve straight up failed to make proper capitulation in prose. Not that I’m going overboard to the point of endorsing poetry or anything, that would be thoroughly out of character. Singing is at the very least a world and a half away from even the most spirited verse (can’t help it, I’ll never be a fan. Even if you insist on acquainting me with the various ins and outs of the Bard).

There are times in life (and if you reckon you haven’t encountered one of these situations then you definitely haven’t been paying a sufficient amount of attention to the people in your life that you swear blind mean so very much to you) when a standard apology simply isn’t going to cut it. You can spurt out sorrys until you’re blue in the face and it regretfully doesn’t seem to be making a blind bit of difference to the circumstances. This is when you need to break out the big guns.

Now, I’m definitely not a singer (the occasional shower croon and singalong in the car to that catchy beat on the radio aside. Those sorts of thing only occur in excellent acoustics or in the company of trusted confidantes. Also in the car) so it could be more of a punishment for me to bust out my lyrical vocal chords as opposed to some kind of rapprochement. Or perhaps I’m hoping that if I sing loud and long enough then whoever’s mad at me will beg and promise that they’re not even slightly annoyed anymore as long as I swear to stop.

I’m quite certain that the song you select to sing is probably pretty important when seeking absolution, along with pitch, volume and the outfit you decide to don. Just flutter your eyelashes and keep going until you’ve been forgiven for whatever dreadful crime you’ve committed.

Sing for absolution – Muse


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