How To… Get Back in the Basement

It’s a better thing than you might have initially presumed to know precisely where you belong in the world. There’s a predetermined gap in the jigsaw and it is into that blank space you fit. From there you have some important decisions to make, various roads you can wander down and continue on into your merry future. However, the starting position is always the same, no matter what kind of beautiful individual snowdrop you consider yourself to be.

So one of your very definite options open to you is to aspire to be more. You can look down or around at your circumstances and decide to aim decidedly upwards. Metamorphose into a raging phoenix or something to the point that people will gasp and flush with uncontainable surprise over your fantastic rags to riches tale. It will be tough and there will be a multitude of hurdles and prejudices for you to overcome. But I know you, the effort and hardships will add to your flush of satisfaction once you’ve made it.

Then again, that particular path is starting to sound rather far from easy. You’re not going to be able to summon up the wherewithal to make a change from where you start up being. Wouldn’t it be so very much simpler if you could let up? You could sit back and relax into the sheer inevitability of it all. There would be no great hills to climb and you could settle into who you actually are.

Look at you, making the steady transition from upstairs character to back in the basement where dreams come true even if it’s starting to sound a little hostage situation-y. Just one step in front of the other down that not remotely rickety staircase down into the space below your house. Where the monsters live. Who want to eat you. Sleep tight.

Get back in the basement – Stanley Odd


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