How To… Be the Bigger Man

Unless you revel in opportunities for social superiority (alright, let’s face it, we all do actually. However, that particular advantage isn’t quite weighty enough to hold sufficient sway) being the bigger man is never as fun as getting to be the tiny, petty one. There’s a reason why you have to be convinced and ushered and guilted into acting ever so slightly more considerately than you actually are.

So, now that you’ve decided to cleanse your karma by climbing the rocky road towards that highest of roads you need to figure out precisely how that’s going to happen. For one, win or lose, you’re not allowed to gloat any more. Even the merest hint of smug satisfaction creeping across your face is going to undermine all that hard work you’ve been putting in.

Another vital ingredient to this whole being the bigger man enterprise is to back away speedily from any and all social media. It may not seem like it, but it’s incredibly difficult to convey any tone whatsoever and it’s also too much to expect people to convey complex ideas in the space of a hundred and forty  characters. Not that I’m drawing any inspiration political figures a hair’s breadth from office and insisting on seizing this moment as the ideal one to have a go at the intelligence services he ought to be counting on to keep various people safe.

It shouldn’t be too much to ask for a little bit of grace. That’s a vital characteristic among all bigger men. That and the genetic material required for sky reaching growth. Plus a little nutritional input wouldn’t hurt. Although, maybe more than any of those things, for you to be the bigger man you have to be capable of letting things go. Simple as. You’ll never seem smaller or more petty than when you’re harping on about issues that everyone else thought settled, buried and signed off a very long time ago.

Be the bigger man – Gaz Brookfield


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