Hodor on a Wire Last Night

What happens to Game of Thrones characters when they die? Don’t allow yourself to become confused at this point, we are not examining the book series A Song of Ice and Fire. Authors have been killing off beloved and otherwise creations for ages past. This matter, however, is a slightly different creature. Once a fictional representation has been portrayed on screen they become a living, breathing entity far more ripe for purposes such as cosplay.

Having been shuffled off for one reason or another, barring any unceremonious or even gratuitous flashbacks, what becomes of them? Is there a void like one big bar where the drinks are flowing? In this mythical place do we see all the crossovers everyone’s been longing for ever since the dawn of fan fiction. Does Shepherd Book glug down a virgin Shirley Temple with… maybe I should have thought this through before I plunged ahead with that sentence. But just pick your favourite characters from rival franchises and simply picture them glugging down alcoholic treats and swapping grizzly horror stories about their untimely demises.

But Hodor, he’s a different kettle of fish. For one thing, once he’s slipped the surly bonds of the unfortunate time hopping mind bending speech impediment he’s been saddled with will he finally be able to hold court on a variety of stimulating topics? It’s a moot question anywhere as clearly he’ll be impressing an adoring audience with death defying feats of unbridled acrobatic talent.

Seriously, you should have seen him last night. He was balanced on a single toe on a razor thin portion of wire that may have sagged quite some way towards the ground but no sooner did it seem to be plummeting down under gravity’s sway was Hodor spinning through the air and onto a flying horse. And then it got really crazy.

Song choices courtesy of: Ramin Djiwadi, The Script and Lucy Spraggan


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